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Select from in the comfort of your home and we will do everything for you from Japan

Now you access over 30 Japanese vehicles auctions that are held all parts of Japan and place live bids. Its almost real time as you could be the best bidder. We will guide you with market information and will tell you the bid you should place for each of the vehicles.Its economical and top of that its in English. Access now daily auctions of USS, Aucsat and many other and inform us the bidding number or lot number. You could be the lucky bidder.After all there is no third party involved. You place direct bids.Condition applies so contact us now.

     Just follow the 4 Easy steps below and you will have your car from Japan in no time
    * Make the bidding fee  ( auction access fee ) US$ 1000    (Payment in Credit Card)           
      *Start searching the vehicle and auction and Call us for any information on 0081 45 402 6790  
                       Email: auc-rama@rama.co.jp

                     *Select the car you want from any of the below Online Japanese Auctions 

   I-AUC AutoAuction                            

Enter ID : J79672                      

6000 - 10000 Units Everyday

6000 - 10000 Units Everyday

Login ID    : V03900      

2000 - 4000Units Everyday

4000 - 10000 Units Everyday   Please Contact us for Access
      *  Buy your vehicle
      * Do the payment by TT or Credit Card               
      *  We ship the unit  , If you buy two or more units we will ship in container , Its fast and cheap  
      * Receive Your vehicle
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