The Rama Group was established in 2005 with the aim of providing Corporate Solutions for the Global Market. Our operations add value and enhance the efficiency of customer's business operations to help achieve competitive advantage.

Based in Japan we are looking forward in further development in the areas of Information technology, Entertainment, Transportation & Construction equipments.

Partner with us and achieve productivity from our value-added and differentiated approach.

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A special Exposition of the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha
From 6th March to 16th Match 2009,The Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha will take place in the premises of the Sri Dalada Maligawa in the ancient city of Kandy in Sri Lanka.
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Sri Lanka Prime Minister visits Rama Group,Yokohama!
On the 30th of November,2008 Hon. Prime minister of Sri Lanka Mr.Ratnasiri Wickramanayake visited Rama Group Limited.
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RamaDBK President Visited Mongol in September
Mr. Jagath Ramanayake, President of RamaDBK Ltd., visit Mongol for the Market Investigation of Used Car Exporting from Japan E September 20 to 24, 2008. As a Director of Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association
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The 5th Annual Sri Lankan Festival was successfully ended!!
The 5th Annual Sri Lankan Festival was successfully ended on Sunday, the 14th of September at Yoyogi Park.The large crowd gathered this time too and a lot of stalls and events were taken place at the venue.
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Sri Lanka Festival 2008 is scheduled to be held at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo on 13th & 14th September. The objective of the Festival is to enhance awareness among the Japanese people of the varied facets of trade, culture, tourism etc. of Sri Lanka.
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The visit of Nagoya Accepting Organization to George Steuarts Recruitment, Sri Lanka- 13th July 2008!!
On the 13th to 15th July 2008,GSR Japan ,Yokohama branch successfully conducted and arranged one of the biggest trainees accepting organizations delegates in Nagoya to visit George Steuarts Recruitment head office in Sri Lanka .GSR Japan has a huge prospect of introducing technical trainees to Japan before the end of@this year, 2008.
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GSR Japan has successfully ended the seminar for skilled trainees from Sri Lanka on 2nd of November 2007!!
This has organized on behalf of accepting organizations in Japan. Further to the George Steuarts Recruitment visit, we were able to attend to some discussions with Kanagawa, Gunma, Nagoya, Gifu, Chiba and many other accepting organizations for introducing highly skilled trainees from Sri Lanka
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Landing Examination Procedures for Japan are Changing!
The Japanese immigration department brought a new rule to foreign entrants to the country On effect from 23Nov 2007
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Rama Travels participated YUME KANNON, Asia Festival
Rama Travels participated Yume Kannon Asia festival on Sep.8 (Sat), 2007 at The Ofuna Kannon near Ofuna station.
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Rama Group launched on-line Jewellery shop
Rama Group Yokohama ,Stone and String Sri Lanka and E-BUY Corporation collaborated and launched new On-line Jewellery shop for Japan customers.....
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Winners List- Sri Lanka festival-2007
Check out Sri Lanka festival-2007 Campaign WINNERS........
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Sri Lanka festival-2007,Major success of RAMA Group stall
The fourth annual Sri Lanka Festival was performed grandly in Yoyogi park, Tokyo on May 26 and 27. .....
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Rama collaborates with Stone-N-String to open a jewellery fair for 2007 SRI LANKAN FESTIVAL IN MAY 26TH & 27TH AT YOYOGI PARK .....
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Sri LANKA Festival 2007- 'Experience Nature's Best'. Fourth Annual Festival to be held in Yoyogi Park on May 26 and 27....
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The Sri Lanka NEW YEAR FESTIVAL 2007 is organized by Sri Lanka Embassy, Sri Lanka Student Association and Sri Lanka Association will be held from 9.30am on April 15th 2007 - Tamokuteki Hiroba and Shimin Hall at Yatabe....
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Online shop for SRI LANKAN product. news article published on february 10-11 in The Asahi Shinbun ....
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Rama @ Tokyo's number one Halloween

More than 1,500 ghosts, ghouls, witches, vampires and other assorted oddballs descended on Roppongi in Japan for Metropolis annual Glitterball Halloween party at Velfarre...
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Recently the Sales Manager of Cathay Pacific Holidays Mr. Masanori Tomioka visited Rama Travels as a courtesy. The meeting chaired by our Rama Travel officer in charge Nick Ameda. The Cathay Pacific Holidays ...
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It was great occasion for Rama that visiting counterparts from Yokohama F Marino and Kronos International to make a joint collaboration for soccer fans visiting from ... more >>>

Sputnik International Visits Rama Group
Recently the President of Sputnik International Japan Mr. Ishantha Ariyadasha and the Japanese counter part of Sputnik International Japan, popular TV personality at Tokyo Broad Casting TBS Junko Akisawa visited Rama Group office... more >>>

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