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At Rama IT Solutionsour services are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We value the customerwe listen to our clients and help them form solutions to their software problems. Our customers don't just make our business, but we provide them customize solutions. We can help you with just about any software technology you need. Some of the Services we frequently provide include software development and outsource for Sri Lanka primmer IT company JKCS.

Intranet/E-Commerce with Rama IT

  • Web-Based Strategic BUSINESS Planning and Development
  • Interactive Website Design, Development, and Implementation
  • Integration of Legacy Databases


  • Customized C/S Development
  • N-Tiered Development (Distributed Computing)
  • Iterative, Incremental and Parallel Development
  • Migration of Single-Tier Applications to Multi-Tier Client/Server Applications.
  • Reusable Architectures and Software Components
  • CORBA, DCOM and Business Object Development

Technical Consulting

  • Custom Software Development
  • Package Software Selection and Implementation
  • System Reengineering/Transitioning
  • Data Mart and Warehousing
  • Project Management
  • Configuration Management
  • S/W Quality Assurance
  • Performance Monitoring, Benchmarking, Optimization and Capacity Planning
  • Embedded

Data Warehousing /Data Mart

  • Warehouse Planning, Design, Maintenance of Enterprise Information
  • Flexible Database Architecture
  • Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Optimization
  • Complex Data Mapping and Conversion
  • Verification of Data Integrity and Data Quality

The service would also include Japanese interpretation andcoordinating business with the clients. We could also provide in house training.

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