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Established by Rama Group Yokohama and based in Yokohama, Rama-Recruit is recruitment and job placement agency, serving the Japan focused business community all over the World. Combining the power of the internet with pro-active marketing, global advertising and top-level service, we endeavor to deliver highly targeted and economical recruiting solutions, for jobs in Japan

By basing our business strategies on our own experiences and through listening to the comments of both employers and job seekers, Rama-Recruit aims to provide a high quality and highly focused recruitment resource that combines Japanese levels of service with economical prices.

One of the roles of the Rama recruit is in making the part of a bridge to the young foreigner nationals in Japan and also people who will visit Japan from now on. Those who study seriously in each field and after their graduation we will introduce these excellent talented individuals to enterprises of various kinds all over Japan. Since a consultation window is also opened, they can concentrate on their own training and work with ease.

GSR Japan means? One of the most biggest and renowned recruitment agencies in Sri Lanka, The George Steuarts Recruitments (PVT) Ltd has established an introduction and a consultation window in Japan. We call it GSR Japan. This is a staff service center for George Steuarts Recruitment Colombo in introducing accepting companies with the support of Japan Industrial Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO)as vocational trainees.                                                     

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GSR Japan

We are proud of the results we have achieved so far, however we are constantly updating and improving our service as we strive to increase our effectiveness and offer an even better level of service. We encourage all our users to feel free to write to us with suggestions or comments, so that we may continue to serve our clients better.

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