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At many occasion Rama Travel has been the preferred source to many or our principal dealers to buy discount tickets needs to serve non-profit or a as a service. Discounting as all tickets for any destination is the popular method of businesses at Rama Travel.

The principal is simple. Buy in bulk to gain a discount, this allows you to make a profit when you on-sell them for a higher price than the discounted price you received. The key to making this a success is numbers - the more tickets you buy the more you get discounts.

The discount can work in a variety of ways, the two most popular are: a straight of a percentage discount on all tickets sold or sell a certain amount and get one free i.e. buy fifteen tickets to get one free equaling a ten percent discount., but you still have to sell the sixteen ticket to make a big money.

As we are approaching holiday seasons in Japan please contact us at your best or let us know as we can visit you for discount tickets. We call may offer a ticket price twenty to thirty percent below the normal price. Now you have the opportunity to on-buy the tickets ten to fifteen percent below normal ticket price.

Alternatively if you can pay few months in advance before the departure the full price you can enjoy a big discount.

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