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Travel Regulations
Cancellation & Change Policy
  1. If you would like to cancel your reservation, please contact your RAMA TRAVELS travel advisor as soon as possible.
  2. Cancellation of a reservation can be made at any time with the following charges (see below)
  3. Cancellation charges are calculated from the date of departure from Japan.
  4. Refunds are processed and refunded by bank transfer only. In most cases, there is a transfer handling fee and refunds can only processed to a bank in Japan.
Time period Basic Season Peak Season
60 - 31 days before departure \5,000 \15,000
30 - 16 days before departure \20,000 (\10,000) \30,000 (\20,000)
15 - 4 days before departure \30,000 (\20,000) \40,000 (\30,000)
3 - 1 days before departure 50% (\30,000) 50% (\40,000)
The date of departure 100% 100%
* Peak Season: 25 April to 5 May, 1 August to 15 August, 20 December to 5 January.
* Cancellation charges in parenthesis will be applied on air fares up to \50,000.
* You will be charged the higher amount between 50% of the air fare and the amount in parenthesis.
* Cancellation charges will be applied per passenger.
More than 31 days before departure Free (up to 2 changes) or 3,000
30 - 15 days before departure 5,000 for each passenger per change
14 days before departure Same as cancellation charge per change

* Please Note: These charges are applicable to changes in flight schedule, airlines or name spelling of passengers.
* If departure date is changed to 60 or more days later than the current reservation, cancellation charges will be applied.
* Change fees will be applied per passenger.

* Important Notice *** In case that a ticket is issued or finaled in advance for ANY REASONS, a 100% cancellation charge will be applied after the issuance of the ticket.
* During the peak season, these charges may be applicable to other than what is stated above.
* These charges will be applied to only air tickets. Charges are not same for package tours, train Passes, accommodations.
* Charges may vary depending on the airlines and the type of ticket.
* Bank transfer is our primary means of refund. If you do not have an account in Japan, please contact your travel advisor.

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