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Have a taste of the exotic flavor of Ceylon tea… take a Tea Tour in Sri Lanka!
What’s in a Cup of Tea?

Tea is a drink consumed all over the world as a revitalizing beverage also a cup of tea is a symbol of hospitality. The legend says that it was first discovered purely by accident. It was in the year 2737 B.C. during the reign of the Chinese emperor Chen Nung, who was popularly known as the “Divine Healer”. One day while the Emperor was on a journey he stopped for a drink of water. While he boiled the water to purify it, a few leaves from a nearby tea tree fell into the imperial pot. The scent and flavour emanating from the tea leaves was so much that it tempted the Emperor to taste it and later introduce it to the world.

Emperor Chen Nung was said to have written ‘Tea… quenches thirst, it lessens the desire for sleep…., it gladdens and cheers the heart.’ Also Taoist alchemists considered tea an essential ingredient of the elixir of immortality.

While tea is best known as a refreshing drink, it also has properties that prove to be beneficial to human health. It contains many compounds, including the amino acid - theanine, which is unique to the tea tree. Tea has also displayed anti-carcinogenic, anti-bacterial, cholesterol lowering, and anti-diabetic effects. In addition tea has been found to reduce hypertension.

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Sri Lanka, Home for Ceylon Tea!

Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, acclaimed as the best tea in the world has its inherent unique characteristics and reputation running through more than a century. Ceylon is considered the home of the world's finest tea. The Ceylon Tea Industry has a rich heritage and produces a rich and sophisticated variety of teas. The Secret of Ceylon Tea is the unique characteristics of Sri Lanka under which is it grown, plucked, produced and processed.

Sri Lanka as the 3rd biggest tea producing country globally, has a production share of 9% in the international sphere, and one of the world's leading exporters with a share of around 19% of the global demand.

The total extent of land under tea cultivation has been assessed at approximately 187,309 hectares. [Ceylon Tea Board]

It all started 200 years ago when Sri Lanka (known as Ceylon at the time) was a British colony.

Experimental planting of tea was done in 1839 in the botanical gardens of Peradeniya, close to the royal city of Kandy.

James Taylor, a Scotsman, is the pioneer in the development of Ceylon Tea. He initiated and evolved through experimentation the best methods for tea cultivation and leaf manipulation in order to obtain the best possible flavour from the tea leaves. These were later emulated by other planters and Ceylon tea gradually became world renown.

In 1872 the first official Ceylon tea was shipped to England and contained two packages of 23lbs. The first recorded shipment, however, was dispatched to England in 1877 aboard the vessel The Duke of Argyll. [Ceylon Tea Board]

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Tea related attractions in Sri Lanka.

Have a taste of the exotic flavor of Ceylon tea… take a Tea Tour in Sri Lanka!

We can organize a memorable tour among finest theme hotels that let you experience the magic of the excellent beverage, amongst the greenest hills where Ceylon tea is grown.

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