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Terms and conditions of Rama Travels

Passengers are responsible for checking in at least two hours prior to departure. Failure to show up during the check in time is the passenger's responsibility and the further re-endorsement with other airlines and refunds are strictly not applicable.

If you break your journey up for more than 72 hours at any point, please inform the airlines of your intention. To do so, please inform the airlines office at the point where you intend to resume your journey at least 72 hours before departure of your flight.

Failure to reconfirm your ticket will result in the cancellation of your reservation.

RAMA TRAVEL will not be responsible for the following:

We are not responsible for any omission on your part such as not renewing your passport, not obtaining a proper visa, or any immigration conflicts, especially for those traveling on one-way tickets.

Please reconfirm your flight and schedule directly with the airlines as unforeseen schedule changes do occur. It is, therefore, the passengers responsibility to reconfirm their onward return flight reservation.

Especially, during the peak season, one must contact directly with the airlines office in respective points to reconfirm their reservations. As for a group discount ticket, the passenger name will not appear on the airlines flight computer until four or five days before the departure.

RAMA TRAVEL will not be responsible for any flight cancellations due to any unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, outbreak of war, curfews and riots, strikes, hijackings and alterations in the airlines' flight schedule.

We are not responsible for lost, theft or damages to the air tickets which may effect one from taking the flight. In such cases, re-issuance and refunds will not be possible. It is advisable for every passenger to go to the airport with ample time before departure, especially during peak season.

The airlines may reject you to board the flight if the name in the passport and the actual ticket issue differs. The passenger should travel at their own risk while traveling on an open ticket regarding booking their return reservation.

Other Terms And Conditions:

RAMA TRAVEL will not accept any international collect calls unless otherwise it is RAMA TRAVEL's fault.

In this case, a person to person call should be made and the expenses will be compensated only in Japan.

It is advised that all passengers with connecting flight plans be very careful to arrive at the airport with ample time before departure for the connections.

Passengers are liable to bear the difference in fares between the time of purchase.

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